Recognizing and treating kratom addiction

Recognizing and treating kratom addictionKratom side effects are related to drugs such as heroin and morphine. Kratom has been thought to treat opioid addiction and further studies are being carried out. Those who use it to treat opioid symptoms, end up being addicted to the drug.

The causes of addiction

Some of drug addiction causes are environmental and influence from those who use drugs. Also, genetic factors may increase the risk of becoming an addict. Continuous or regular use of a drug interferes and changes the chemistry of your brain. This can trigger pleasure in the brain and it becomes dependent on the drug in order to achieve it. This is why it is difficult to stop a drug once it is started.

General signs of addiction

In regardless of what is being abused, addiction symptoms including the kratom are as follow;

  • Regular craving of the drug on daily basis or several intervals during the day
  • As the use continues, large number of doses are required to attain the same effect
  • Spending money to get the drug even when money is scarce
  • Involving in society unaccepted behavior such as violence or stealing in order to get the drug.
  • Continuous use of the drug even if aware of the health risks posed
  • Ensuring that a constant supply is maintained
  • Attempts of stopping the abuse

Recognizing addiction in other people

Your family members or friends may start unusual behavior and you are left wondering what has happened to them. They might be addicted and show the following changes.


They may start exhibiting irritation, anxiety, or depression.


Show aggressiveness or becomes violent.


Their energy level drops and start showing illness related to drug abuse

Social activities

Loss of friends and forms a new circle which most likely consists of the drug users.

Drop in performance

Work performance is affected both in school or work.  This can lead to loss of work and poor performance.

Helping an addicted person

Learn all the risks and side effects involved in kratom abuse and have in mind that a drug alters the brain chemistry thus making it hard for the victim to stop.  This information will help come up and decide the best treatment options.  Start staging interventions with the help of the victim’s family and friends. However, have a conversation with the victim before intervening with his or her family because this can bring mistrust, isolation, or anger.

A comprehensive guide on how to recognize and treat addiction in easy steps will help you to gain more knowledge. Read to learn more in steps.